How to improve your CRS score

How to improve your CRS score

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is the sole factor that makes immigrating to Canada under the Express Entry system possible. The Express Entry system helps economic immigrants settle in Canada as Permanent Residents.

The CRS system is a points based system where points are given based on the candidates

  1. Age
  2. Qualifications
  3. Years of Experience
  4. English or French proficiency

Since Taurus Infotek ( is based out of India, it’s safe to assume that most people reading this article are english speakers.

As you can see in the above case, all factors are static and the only variable being the language proficiency. In this case, the IELTS general training exam. In our experience, this is the most critical factor when immigrating to Canada.

Based on recent data on the Express Entry draws, the cut-off for getting an invitation (ITA) has fluctuated between 420-450, even dropping as low as 413 in May 2017. With Canada announcing it will be taking an additional 1 million immigrants by 2020, the cut off is expected to drop even further. However, the cut-off dropping below 400 is unlikely.

Most candidates below the 400 mark are usually people that haven’t score the requisite CLB or Canadian Language Benchmark 9 or above which translates to Listening 8, Reading 7, Writing 7, Speaking 7.

To give you an example, if a person scores Listening 7.5, Reading 7, Writing 7, Speaking 7, this effectively means he has only lost 0.5 in the listening module, but in terms of CRS score – this translates to -57 points.

The point of this article is – IELTs is the most important factor when determining your eligibility for Canada. There are numerous online tools and tests one can take to improve your IELTS score.

The best and most efficient way we’ve found to improve your score usually involves taking mock tests. Mock tests give you an idea of the format and help you get comfortable with the intricacies of the various modules of the exam. To know more about your eligibility to migrate to Canada please visit

Manoj Palwe is an ICCRC authorized immigration consultant working from Pune, India.

How to become a Permanent Resident of Canada through Express Entry

How to become a Permanent Resident of Canada through Express Entry

How do I use the Express Entry system to become a Permanent Resident of Canada?
 Some key points are listed below
1) The Canadian Immigration System is a points-based system.
2) The Canadian Government gives points for factors such as your age, education, English/French language skills and work experience.
3) These points make up your CRS Score (Comprehensive Ranking System). 
4) The Canadian Government revises the CRS cut-off every 2-3 weeks and candidates over the minimum threshold are invited to apply for Permanent Residency.
Taurus Infotek will assist in filing and acquiring all the required documentation to apply for the Express Entry pool. Filing and documentation is required to be thorough as your profile will be highly scrutinized by immigration officials and any discrepancies can lead to rejection or complications.
Our staff is highly experienced and trained in filing cases properly with timely updates and a completely transparent process where clients can double check their profiles at any time.
Incase you do not achieve the required CRS points to be invited to apply directly, there are over 60 Provincial Nomination Programs available. Our team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right programs you may be eligible for.
For more information about Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) : 

Once you receive an ITA, you will have 90 days to submit an online application along with supporting documents for permanent residence.
 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) normally processes most applications (completed applications that include all the supporting documents needed) in approximately six months.
 Do I need a job offer to get into the Express Entry pool?
 A valid job offer is NOT required. If you meet the criteria of one of the economic immigration programs subject to Express Entry, you will be accepted into the Express Entry pool. A job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from an employer in Canada is a significant assetbut not a requirement.
 The Government of Canada aims to invite 1 million new immigrants through economic immigration programs by 2020.
How can I start the process?

To start your Canada migration process please get in touch with me on 9822033225 or visit for details.

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Reasons to Migrate to Canada from India

Reasons to Migrate to Canada from India


 A permanent resident (PR) visa (Green card) is issued to a qualified applicant and his / her entire family.

A permanent resident (PR) visa (Green card) is useful because of the following reasons:

·  It allows the holder to enter the country any time.

·  The PR Visa holder can seek work with anyone for any time, without a sponsor.

·  A PR Visa holder spouse will also get a PR Visa. The spouse is also eligible to work.

·  A PR Visa holder’s children will have reduced fees for their studies.

·  All maternity benefits will be applicable for the new mothers.

·  The PR Visa holder have access to the best medical facilities for free.

A permanent resident (PR) visa (Green card) is normally issued by developed countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, as they want to attract skilled workers for their ageing population.

Being a permanent resident (PR) visa (Green card) holder means that the person is a Permanent Resident and is not yet a citizen. 

·  Permanent resident (PR) visa (Green card) holders become eligible to apply for citizenship normally after a period of stay, say 3 to 5 years.

A permanent resident (PR) visa (Green card) cost for a single person could be between INR 2, 00,000 to INR 5, 00,000. Consider this: 

·  INR 2, 00,000 cannot buy real estate. A Fixed Deposit gives no more than 10% and even that gets eaten by the 10% inflation. Investment in stocks or mutual funds is too risky and even if it gives a 100% return, you will have INR 400,000 in 5 years and you will have to pay 30% in taxes.

·  An investment in a PR Visa will buy you a permanent resident (PR) visa not only for you but also your entire family for a lifetime. Your next generation will also be able to use the benefits of the visa!

You may not qualify for a temporary visit visa but may qualify for a permanent visa! 

·  Permanent visas are usually points based and have defined eligibility criteria, temporary visas are based on a valid job offer from that particular country.

For PR Visa, in most cases, there is no interview. 

·  If you are eligible, and you satisfy all the criteria, you will receive your PR Visa.

Immigration laws keeps changing each year. 

·  Apply when you are eligible or else the laws change and you will not be eligible when you want to apply!

Canada, NZ and Australia are the best and richest English speaking countries in the world. And you are fortunate to be a part of their immigration program.

·  You’re looking at a great quality of life and many benefits! 

Immigrating to a country allows you to stay there permanently. 

·  Staying overseas develops you as a person, your career, business and your family like no other experience can.

You will never regret having invested in a permanent resident (PR) visa (Green card). 

·  You will never regret having the freedom and flexibility to travel and work – anytime you want – in Australia, Canada or New Zealand without the need to apply for a visa!

Investing in a permanent resident (PR) visa (Green card) is cheaper than investing in a local club membership or a timeshare program. With a green card, you and your family get a permanent visa status for the best countries in the world.

·  A permanent resident (PR) visa (Green card) is a good investment for anyone. Even better than gold!

Please watch below video link for more details-

 Why Migrate?

Please note that,

 “ Today’s realities are… Yesterday’s decision

Tomorrow’s realities will be… Today’s decision”

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What is the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)?

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling in a particular province. Most Canadian provinces and territories are able to nominate a certain number of candidates through the Express Entry system to meet local and provincial labour market needs. These portions of the PNPs are known as ‘enhanced’ nominations. Please view

Candidates in the Express Entry pool who obtain a nomination from a province are awarded 600 points under the CRS system, out of a possible total of 1,200. When these additional points are added to a candidate’s human capital and skills transfer-ability points, it will result in an Invitation to apply for permanent residence being issued to the candidate at a subsequent draw from the Express Entry pool.

Provinces and territories are also able to make nominations under their regular, or ‘base’, PNP streams outside the Express Entry system. Provincial and territorial nominations made outside the Express Entry system are subject to particular PNP streams and processing standards.The route from a successful base nomination to permanent residence is a two-step process. Candidates must first satisfy the criteria for a PNP stream, apply, and receive a nomination certificate. With this certificate in hand, candidates may apply to the federal government, which will oversee the necessary medical and security background checks before granting permanent resident status.

There are over 60 different Provincial Nomination Programs through which eligible candidates can immigrate to Canada. The most popular of these is the Ontario program due to its eligibility criteria not requiring the immigrant to have a valid job offer. The minimum CRS score required to be eligible for the Ontario PNP is 400.

To know more about PNP programs for Immigrating to Canada please visit

Manoj Palwe is a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC ID : R422575).


How do you Show Proof of Funds after Receiving ITA under Express Entry?

The reason the Canadian government insists on “proof of funds” is to prove that you are able to sustain yourself when you move to Canada.

You must show the funds prior to applying for the visa after getting the Invitation to Apply under Express Entry.

If you are applying for permanent residence in Canada you must provide an official letter issued by your financial institution indicating your financial profile. This must  be on of the following

  1. All your bank (chequing and savings)
  2. investment accounts
  3. list all outstanding debts, such as credit cards and loans.
    And you must list the account number and dates each account was opened and the balance of each account over the past six months.

All information must be printed on the official financial institutions letter head and must mention your name and contact details along with the institutions name and contact details.

The amount one must show as proof of funds varies depending on the number of dependants. As per the IRCC website the list is as follows

  1. Single Applicant – 12,475 CAD $
  2. Married couple – 15,531 CAD $
  3. Couple with a child (3 persons) – 19,093 CAD $
  4. Approximately 4,000 CAD $ for each dependant thereafter.

Stocks, Bonds, Shares, Debentures, Mutual Funds, Treasury bills etc all are accepted as proof of funds along with the regular Fixed Deposits, Savings Accounts, Current accounts etc.

It is important to note that one cannot borrow this amount from another person and all the capital should be accessible to you and should be either in your name or if your spouse will be coming with you, then his / her name.

It is required to prove that this money is accessible to you at any time, hence it is preferred to have them invested in liquid assets such as the ones mentioned above.

To know more about proof of funds requirement during Canada immigration please visit

Manoj Palwe is an authorized immigration consultant and a member of the ICCRC.


The Difference Between Canada Permanent Residency and Citizensnip

There are various benefits of citizenship of Canada over just having the Canadian PR visa.

  1. As a Canadian citizen you can travel visa-free to more than 100 countries.

2. You need not have to worry about the residency obligation.Please view

3.You do not need to renew your PR card.

4.You can apply to all type of jobs including sensitive jobs in army.

5. You can get involved in politics.

6. Your children will be Canadian citizens.

7.You are eligible to get counsellor support from the Canadian embassy’s all over the world.

8.You can stay in any country without fear of loosing your Canadian citizenship.

I am a member of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and my membership number is R422575 .Please visit our website to know more about us.

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